Writers’ Workshop Uploads

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File Uploader Area for Journal Writers' Workshop

Follow the instructions to upload your file. All fields are required.

Please fill in all required fields as noted. Please use a word or pdf file format

We are accepting two formats: either an abstract or a full paper draft. Just let us know which you prefer when you upload your file. This will help us organize the sessions. Both will be peer-reviewed in a World Café Roundtable format.

Everyone is invited to attend both days, regardless of the type of submission.

If you change your mind about which session you wish to participate, email:


Once your submission is successfully uploaded it will be made viewable within a day or two on the following page:

https://formativedesign.org/Submissions Viewing Page

Workshop Submission

After you successfully uploaded your file, click here for more information about registering for the event and the next steps.

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