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First of all, remember that the focus of the symposium and the papers we are expecting are to focus on design thinking or formative design in general.

There are two different ways you can participate in these sessions:

  1. Abstracts (for Sunday half day Review) If you have an idea about a journal article but have not totally fleshed it out yet and want help in doing so, you may submit a white paper of approximately 1,000 words that outlines your idea and a short lit review of the theoretical basis or the gap in the literature for the paper and a general idea as to how you would go about validating your potential solution.
  2. Submission Drafts (for Monday all day session) If you plan to have a rough draft of your article and need some help in editing it, finding a correct perspective, need some advice as to the validity of your methodological focus, or general editing support to ensure that the perspective of the article is indeed formative in nature, you will be asked to submit that draft during the second round timetable as noted on the announcement.

In either case you should submit an extended ‘abstract’/proposal (approximately 1,000 +/- or enough to give us a good idea as to what you intend to write about) of your paper by the initial due date. Recall, that the general guidelines for final submission to our journal include the following:

  • What is already known abut this topic
  • What new information does this work add to the literature (or what gap(s) does it fill)?
  • From a practitioner’s perspective, what is the impact of that new knowledge?

What happens next?

We will read all the abstracts that submitted. After the initial deadline range (we have extended it to July 30 ), we will provide you feedback as for which of the two formats your paper is accepted. Then, by the second deadline you should submit your final draft. Those who select the white paper approach can make adjustments as needed but then are asked to reconfirm your interest by submitting the second draft by the second deadline.

The first half day is dedicated to those who wish a review of the white papers/abstracts for those who seek guidance on how to flesh it out and turn it into an article. The second day is an all- day session (or as much time as is needed) to have their potential submissions reviewed in round table format in order for them to finalize it and get it ready for submission to the journal on a fast track. We will give priority reviews for these papers submitted to the journal.

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