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Webmaster/ March 20, 2019/ Events, Symposium

Thank you for submitting your proposal. The next steps you should take depend on what happened when you submitted:

If your Submission was Rejected
If your submission was rejected, first analyze what happened. Sometimes the upload process errors out on a timing issue. This is corrected by simply trying again. While we have attempted to make the whole thing bug free the system sometimes acts up. If after a couple attempts it still does not work make note of the error code and email me (

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If your Submission was Accepted

Several things are next:

  • First, go ahead and look at the timeline for the next thing to submit. Those who are applying for the half day session do not to submit anything else. Go ahead and register for the conference workshop (found on the AECT site) and any other session you care to join.
  • For those who are intending on joining the round tables on the second day go back to the flyer to find the second due date. You (i.e., the primary contact) will also be receiving from the committee an email explaining the process again and reminders about the follow up dates. You can wait to register for the sessions until you receive final word but in order to help you with the early bid pricing and planning we encourage you to at least register for the conference as soon as you can. A separate registration will be allowed for the workshop if you want to wait for final word. We would also be willing to refund your fees for the workshop should your draft not be accepted or you change your mind.
  • A viewing page has been set up for you to access your submission and see the others who have submitted. It takes a couple days for the page to be updated (we do it by hand), so be patient. Should you feel the need to resubmit or make changes a special submission page has been set up to accommodate this.
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