Registration Follow UP

Webmaster/ February 8, 2021/ Symposium

Thank you for registering to the 2021 Research Symposium and Writers’ Workshop. We will be getting back soon on the details. You should be receiving a confirmation email soon. In the meantime, if you wish to submit a paper, please click the link below

Next Steps

Webmaster/ March 20, 2019/ Events, Symposium

Thank you for submitting your proposal. The next steps you should take depend on what happened when you submitted: If your submission was rejected, first analyze what happened. Sometimes the upload process errors out on a timing issue. This is corrected by simply trying again. While we have attempted to make the whole thing bug free the system sometimes acts

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2020 JDFL Writers Workshop

Webmaster/ March 4, 2019/ Events, Symposium/ 0 comments

2nd Annual JDFL Journal Writers’ Workshop/Symposium – Virtual Session Springer, AECT and JDFL are pleased to announce its second annual Writers’ Workshop/Symposium (a paid workshop) that will take place virtually just prior to the 2020 AECT Annual Convention. Below are the details of the event, including formats as well as a link to the submission uploader. Simply click the button

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